About Our Founder


The Prophetic Worship School was founded on April 29, 2011 by Apostle Brian Pruitt. It started as a teaching centered around developing the worship leader called “Moving Forward To Grow”. However, it exploded into a series of messages because God called Apostle Pruitt to establish a place not just for worship leaders but for the body at large. There they would learn how to build alters of worship and discover how to “BE” who God called them to be which is a true worshiper.

Apostle Brian is a Prophet, Pastor, and Prophetic Psalmist, called to the nations, to release a new prophetic sound in the earth. He and his lovely wife Shanika are also the founders of New Wind International, a dynamic ministry that operates in faith and the supernatural. On January 29, 2015, Brian released his first EP called “Songs in the Key of Faith” and is presently in the studio working on his new project. He has written, composed, and released over 100 songs as well. He has a unique style of worship, that simply can’t be explained. You just have to experiencing it in person.