Online Course Overview

Course Length: 13 Weeks

Cost: New Students – $15.00 / Returning Students – $10.00

Flowing in Prophetic Worship
Many people have heard of prophetic worship, but some have not. It is often confused as some form of entertainment, to get people pumped up for a service or event. In this course you will learn how prophetic worship is truly a lifestyle and understand the power of flowing in it. The following subjects will be covered:

• The Foundation of Prophetic Worship
• Soaking in His Presence
• Carrying the Sound of Messiah
• The Benefits of Worship

Warring Through Prophetic Worship
In this course, we will learn how warfare plays a major part in prophetic worship, the necessity of it, and what to expect. The following are the subjects we will be covering:

  • Tearing Down the Altars of Your Fathers
  • Confrontation on Your Mount Carmel
  • Rebuild the Altar
  • Build Me an Altar
  • The Enemy With
  • Guard Your Hearing

In order to receive a certificate of completion, prophetic worship mantle, and impartation/activation from Apostle Brian Pruitt, each must student must complete the 13-week course. In order to take this course, you must commit to doing the following:

  • Filling out Registration Form at
  •  Paying the course fee of $15.00(Cash, Check, Cash App $ApostleBP, or Square).
  •  Being at class ever Tuesday from 7pm-9:30pm via Zoom(Meeting ID: 961-833-202/Password: TPWS20)
  • Completing all assignments given by Instructor.
  •  Having a teachable spirit.
  •  Being respectful to your Instructor and classmates.
  •  While in class, please be in quiet area.
  •  Do not do anything that would distract you classmate from hearing what is being said.
  •  Students are expected to be on time. It is the student’s responsibility to call, text, or email Apostle Brian if he/she will not be in class either the day before or 4 hours prior to class time. You can record the teaching for notes only, however I ask that you not share your notes with anyone outside the class. Those who are not in this class, must register to receive this information.

Finally, this course will conclude with a written exam before graduation. Now here is some awesome news. All of you will graduate but you must complete the course. Your test scores will determine if you receive our “High Honor Award”. After graduation, I’m trusting each of you to be people of integrity, by not using the information you receive in the school for personal gain. Now let’s get ready to soar!!!